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The Ellis Family

What is Our Purpose?

My wife and I both grew up on the mission field. We have seen poverty and sickness, but that is nothing compared to the spiritual darkness that the people are trapped in. We believe the Lord has called us to Canada to make a difference, to see people saved, churches planted, and men trained to continue the work.

Why Canada?

Canada has 37 million people. 98% are on their way to hell. There are only 300 churches in the entire country. 25% of people claim to be atheists. Islam is the fastest-growing religion in Canada! With over 250,000 converts in the last 40 years.

Our Goals in Reaching Canada

The first step when we get there is to work on finding a location in which we can start our first church. Then as we continue to get a group of people we will start working with the young men to train and slowly start easing them into the ministry where the end goal after years would be them taking over the church and going on to the next area. The long-term goal is to plant multiple churches and have a pastor/missionary training center for pastors and missionaries to be trained in.